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"I had this intention of sweating out excess fat in exchange for the fun of whacking shuttlecocks in midair. The first time I stepped into a badminton court, I got that... and more! -The Bad Geek 2007


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How I was swooned over to the "bad court'!


I just started playing badminton about 3 months ago. I had the noble intentions of sweating out excess fat in exchange for some fun whacking the "bird" down . I got it, and more, the first time I stepped into the court

Sweet sweats
I had more sweat than any other games I played before. Even my eyebrows tickle with perspiration. I am on the edge of dehydration. It was a stupid move on my part to enter a court without preparation (like a serious warm up). It's either I underestimated badminton endurance's requirement or I have bloated, ego maniacal sports stamina. Both beat me to "some dehydration" WHO classification.

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
Goodness grace! I should have listened to my medical books. My wrist extensors hurt like hell and so is my elbow extensor. I thought I got adhesive capsulitis in just 3 hours of playing. I'm just 33 years old!

Labored breathing.
I could swim 100 meters at easy pace without any problems, but 3 sets of badminton made me gasp for more air. I was panting and wagging my tongue all throughout the game. Maybe i should have intubated myself.

At last, my sport?
At the end of the game I still smiled at my newfound sport. Why?
I could whack the bird like I've never whack a real bird before, really, it feels great.
I can feel I lost some weight even if it was water alone.It was a good start.
Badminton is a game of skill, stamina, agility and minds. It can be learned.You can be trained
i was never alone in the beginner stage. In every corner, you can see someone learning new skills, new strokes.Learning shouldn't be lonely I thought.

I made a promise, the next time I got into the court, I would be better. Sweat more.Lose weight more. Whack the bird more. Really, it feels great!

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Hi! do you know any badminton group that I can join in for regular plays.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Sulit Smashers said...

    You may join our badminton group! Contact us through facebook by liking our page "Sulit Smashers" Thanks!

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