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"I had this intention of sweating out excess fat in exchange for the fun of whacking shuttlecocks in midair. The first time I stepped into a badminton court, I got that... and more! -The Bad Geek 2007


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About the badminton herald


It was 2007 when the temptation of having to loose weight and have fun in sports became too alluring to resist. Every human being that can run and hop on court in my city went agog for badminton. Thus, I was swooned over by badminton.

Lacking in athletic ability (I used to play for the high school volleyball varsity and... academics here) and the technical know how of the sport, I started (and became addicted at ) rummaging every badminton news, videos, talks and guides that I could get and read them over and over even in my sleep. And not too long after I started playing badminton, I joined a mini training for "week end players" under one good badminton player.

Within a year of playing badminton, a noticeable improvement in my playing skills caught not only my attention but also of my buddies who where playing badminton years before I deed. I went up into the class or level faster, won several doubles championship in no time and above all, the glorious weight loss and fit body.

The badminton information I accumulated as a player and orthopedic sports physician went handy and I am sharing them all here. Thus this badminton blog.

"Let's improve ourselves and badminton altogether"

This blog will provide news, personal views, experiences and recommendations to improve badminton and its players. Ultimately, this blog will hopefully converge into an online collaboration of badminton enthusiasts sharing their own experiences, views and opinions to help badminton as a sport move forward!

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