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"I had this intention of sweating out excess fat in exchange for the fun of whacking shuttlecocks in midair. The first time I stepped into a badminton court, I got that... and more! -The Bad Geek 2007


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"To cut for living" a new blog about the "business" of medicine


Sounds like two different worlds, but "business" and "medicine" in reality, co-exist in a very subtle way. While economics have so much impact on the healthcare industry, not a subject is included in med school to prepare us for such very complex issues. Even simple "practice economics" and the art of "earning a living" as a physician, is shunned if not generally considered a taboo in our Filipino culture.

Which makes me feel kind of lost, as I begin my journey towards establishing a career as a physician. Well, broke as I am right now, I also couldn't afford a financial planner or adviser. So I will take financial matters into my own hand (temporarily), read about it, learn by doing, ask authorities on such issues and then blog about it.

Yes, I'm blogging about it, in my new blog"to cut for living". Maybe you and me will have a enlightening time discovering our road to financial freedom!

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