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Watch out! Changing shoes could be detrimental to your ankle!


Of course if you do this haphazardly and with much stupidity, you sure will end in the injured list. That's what I learned from last week's pre-tournament change of badminton shoes.

I got bored using my old Nike Court Shuttle during one badminton game I switched to an Umbro GT5-AIN Futsal rubber shoes. I tried to lunge with my right foot (with the Umbro shoe) and felt a faint, sharp, jabbing pain in my posterior ankle region. I continued playing and wasn't actually bothered by it during the whole game. My ankle is swollen and the pain is magnified the next day. Definitely, an posterior lip ankle injury. Worst it could have been a cartilage injury. So I stopped playing for one week and went on to nurse the sprain. I slowly stretched my ankle joint after 3 days and went on ankle strengthening exercises, prior to returning back to any game. And switched back to my old Nike Shoes.

Aside from the relatively poor posterior ankle support of the Umbro Futsal shoes, the insole and the gum sole felt horribly like a rocker. So when you lunge and land with your shoe flat and your distal leg behind your foot, there's no shoe posterior lip support that would thwart your ankle from over bending, hence the injury.

I've learned my lesson well. Glad It wasn't tournament proper when I sustained those injury. Or I'll be damned!

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