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I'm playing on a badminton tournament!


It's final, I'm playing in an upcoming tournament in a nearby city. A friend asked me to be his doubles partner. All I promised was the best of what I can play. I played with this friend before on several occasions and save for a few unpolished moves, we both complemented our badminton skills. Preparation wise, that's all we got- previous game pairing during tune up games. Nothing close to any tournament preparation that I knew. Actual "inventory" of my armamentarium revealed no sizable munitions to speak of. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed even with the loud taunts (by snickering mirons) of a championship trophy and honors.

I'm not laying out our game strategy for now as this may find its way to our opponents. Some of them happen to read this blog.

I'll post some more about this later. And by the way we whipped a higher level/class doubles team last night. That was some feat!

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  1. Ruz said...

    Ang galing nyo naman doc. WHere do you get all the stamina to still play, climb, and be the doctor? Hehehhehe!

    We missed badminton too from our old home in Zamboganga City. I will link this one too!tc. Until the climb in Lake Maughan.

  2. myorthodoc said...

    Hmm..actually, I need these activities to complement my monotonous private practice. I get free stamina and fun in return....

    Thanks for dropping by.

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