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"I had this intention of sweating out excess fat in exchange for the fun of whacking shuttlecocks in midair. The first time I stepped into a badminton court, I got that... and more! -The Bad Geek 2007


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We won the POA Badminton Tournament this year!


I always thought that winning in badminton is just an attitude, second only to skills training and fitness. But there is nothing more glorious than receiving a recognition for a skill improvement and a badminton trophy- as champions. I joined the Annual Philippine Orthopedic Association 4th Badminton tournament for the first time and we (me and my partner) won the Doubles championship trophy this year. I'm talking here of joining and competing it out with sport surgeons (who's passion for badminton is only surpassed by their love for their family and practice) and showing them too, you're worth their opponent. I was glad I made them lose probably a liter of perspiration and gave them a competitive game. And winning the games, the tournament, unbeaten all the way to championship match, is all too glorious!

Congrats too to my very good partner Dr. Siatan (POC) who despite fighting off his cramps, gave the winning smash!

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