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Why I'm Joining the 1st Mindanao Bloggers' Summit


Except for the fear of "sitting beside" an idolized blogger and being asked "what do you know about blogging?" (to which my matter-of- fact answer will always be- "none") I always enjoyed leaning new things about blogging. This is one of the main reason why I'm joining the First Mindanao Bloggers Summit come October 27, 2007 here in Davao City

This Mindanao Bloggers Summit is a great opportunity for me not only to meet fellow Mindanao bloggers but also to learn from the icons whose blogging style I tend to emulate.

Take a look at the program of activities and see the lineup of speakers the organizers has tapped.

Bob Martin's talk on travel and technology is probably a must hear. I never fail to look up Bob's well known Mindanao blog whenever I look for places to go to in Mindanao. I am shamed by how Bob is more informed of Mindanao than a true blooded Mindanaon like me.

Fr. Alejo's talk on Socio Cultural Mindset of a Mindanaon is an interesting topic not just for any blogger but perhaps for any writer who wanted to dwell into the minds of the Mindanaon reader. As far as I know (not to be an isolationist though) Mindanaons usually "think" differently on so many issues.

Councilor Peter Lavina's Participatory Governance may not be a recent innovation but its definitely a venue for people empowerment with blogging as a "medium of participation". Far out? Try to read his blogs and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Bloggie Robillo is all that intrigues me. I am already awed by his dynamism and on how much effort this guy (in cahoots with the "usual suspects") spent on Building a Davao Blog Community (and yes, recently Mindanao Bloggers). The creative genius in this guy has spawned so many good things about Mindanao and our love for this place. This Mindanao Bloggers Summit is just one of those.

Sure, I'm going to nit pick their brains, The Pinoy A List Bloggers who made it good (and with a bang) through the Blogosphere. This is the most convenient time for me to ask experts like Abe Olandres (who is a Guimarasnon then and now) of his nifty technoblog, YugaTech and how he ended up taking over The Blog Herald. Or maybe bug Jayvee with his prolific blogging style. Aileen's An Apple a Day blog (tagged as one of the Digital Filipino's Emerging Influential Blog for 2007) should be a a nice person to ask about bitting "apples" in the blogosphere. Andrew Dela Serna's Alleba Blog despite being not-just-another-technophilic blog, is getting awesome reviews.

And not to be outdone and what most Mindanao is (falsely) identified with, the "Mindanao Peace" issue. Even blogging has its role on this very controversial topic. Or just maybe, just maybe, a parallel (and better) solution to this sickening issue.

Well, maybe I should just be all ears then even if I'm already registered early. Looking at the registered summit would be attendees and you'll see a lot of talent and blogging genius among the (not so) new breed of Mindanao Bloggers. No more aware of these talents and the potential of the summit are the sponsors and advertisers.

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So am I setting up expectations for this? Yeah. Of course I am. For something you love to do, or you love to blog about, expectations may not be that grandeur but its definitely worthwhile to look into. And fun, is always a shoo in.

Good luck to the organizers!!! And see you all there!

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