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Kido/Sentiawan (IND) annihilated by Clark and Robertson(ENG) in Singapore Open


Well I just saw the biggest upset in badminton's Mens doubles history. The current world number one, Olympic champions Kido and Sentiawan humbled by ranked 19th newly paired Clark and Robertson in just two sets! The Indonesians barely made it to the double figure mark, getting only 10 in the last set. Now the unthinkable has happened.

The road to the finals however is much harder but sweatier for the English pair. They have to defeat the powerhouses Malaysia (KKK/TBH) and China (GZ/XC). The Indonesian pair on the other hand, had to overcome Singapore(Wijaya/Saputra) and Swiss (Rassmussen/Paaske) en route to the finals.

(Robertson with that confident smash during their semi final match vs Chineses Taipei. Photo credits from here)

But it was the mind games that got into the Indonesians. The very tight returns and almost error less shots of the English pair pushed the Indonesians to a mostly defensive play and rarely mounting a strong attack play they're known for. The fast push return of service shot by Clark to the mid court rattled the game play of the Indonesians pushing them to commit errors and not mount a offensive attack.

Rumor has it that Kido is nursing an injury and Robertson got a yellow card during their match with the Chinese. And while Clark is known for his sharp tongue on court, games has to go on. Winners are always those who have a strong determination to win it, despite every obstacle they have. For the Indonesians, they might have loss a game, but the battle for Badminton's MD supremacy is far from over yet. It just got very exciting!

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  1. Michael Hayes said...

    Nice to see my country doing well for once! :)

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