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Badminton Clubs Amity team Championships


The local badminton clubs here in South Central Mindanao is organizing a Badminton Club Amity Team Championship to be held sometime in July. This is according to the main proponent Mr. Atayan  of Smashing Champs Koronadal City. Patterned after the famous Sudirman Cup Word Team Championships, the aim of such "friendship" badminton game is to foster fellowship among badminton clubs here in Mindanao. Initially targeting (but not limited to) four clubs, the First Amity Cup will be hosted by Smashing Champs then rotated amongst the competing clubs. Rules has yet to be laid out but the organizing club is assuring of a strict adherence to players age and leveling policies. No individual prizes will given but a huge badminton cup, just like that of Sudirman's Cup is up for the teams grab. A fellowship night with bands and party after the awarding ceremonies is expected to be a main attraction of the said event.

This on paper is definitely a a very nice and welcome development to grassroots badminton and to clubs who play badminton for fun. For us aging players and weekend warriors, its a way to strengthen sportsmanship and friendliness while we sweat out excess fat. Indeed, the vast majority of badminton players are not the Class A/Open badminton enthusiast that beat our heavy assess to no end. Its high time we have tournaments like this to cater to such huge group of badminton player has been. Has been very supportive of badminton I mean.

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