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Using game psychology in badminton


We all know how superb athletes "psych up" before and during their games that most of us wonder will it work for an ordinary athlete like me?We've seen it in any type of sport, group or individual alike. We've seen sheer determination fuel an amazing game comebacks in tennis, basketball or in every sport. But in our daily games of badminton? Will we be able to study game psychology and use it? More importantly, how can psyching up be applied to your daily game plans.

I have seen many badminton players win games just by looking at their game psychology strategy. This is specially true with opposing players who are both equally effective in their badminton fitness and skills. The strategy is always to outwit the opponents, not by skills alone but by providing an environment of an overwhelming presence and superiority. 

Personally, a strong offensive play with smashes and net attacks put opponents on the defensive. The other strategy is to direct shots at your opponents weakest or in doubles, the perceived weak partner. Tight body shots also shakes one psyche. Power smashes directed onto your opponents body are psyche shattering and emotion awakening to the opponents thus destroying a stable game plan.

However, "psyching up" for a game had to requisites: One is that you're in tip top shape and second, you have very good focus and composure. Or your game psyching will go against you. That needs no explanation.

What about you guys?Do you use some form of game psychology in your everyday games?Leave your comments here.

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