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Badminton racket strings and regutting techniques


Almost a month has passed that I haven't strung my racket yet. I broke all the strings of my three badminton rackets in one week! How unlucky you can be, huh?! Anyhow, the problem was it's all too inconvenient for us players here to have our rackets strung. The nearest, most reliable place we send our rackets for stringing or 're-gutting' as we call it, is about 25 kilometers away and it will take us the whole day just to wait our rackets re-gutted so we can bring it back home!

The other thing about badminton racket strings is personal preference. There's a plethora of strings and re-gutting "factors" you should consider before you even submit your racket for re gutting. Most likely, it will depend on your badminton playing level, the tension you're at ease with, the strength of your wrist and fore arm as well as how often do you use your badminton racket. Personally I prefer a high tension, tightly strung badminton string for my power smash and relaxed return of shots. So for you guys, what string and re-gutting technique do you prefer??

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  1. Anonymous said...
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  2. Anonymous said...

    I need my badminton racket re gutted. I want to know where to go. is there any places near homebush.

  3. Badminton Rackets said...

    Which Carlton rackets would you recommend for a 13 year old?I know the shaft needs to be fexible, and have spotted the following offers which look like bargains:Iso Graphite £24.99/Iso Pro £39.99. Any Advice will be gratefully received.

  4. Badminton Rules said...

    Thank you very much for sharing this post about badminton racket strings and regutting!:)

  5. Badminton Tactics said...

    I've always used BG60 with my rackets (Victor SW35) but I restring it with VS 850 when I enter a tournament.

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